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LPES Admin Email
Arlene Dobson- Principal [email protected] 
Jacalyn Neilmeyer- Vice Principal [email protected] 
Tyson O'Dell- Vice Principal [email protected] 
Administrative Assistants Email
Annmarie Whalen [email protected] 
Tara-lee McIndoe [email protected] 
Barb Happ [email protected] 
Nicole Hunter [email protected] 
Glenda Cooper [email protected] 
Teachers Email
Jasmine Hamilton-Kindergarten [email protected] 
Chelsey Paxman-Kindergarten [email protected] 
Jennelle Wimmer-Kindergarten [email protected] 
Jayme Payak-Kindergarten [email protected] 
Carey Metheral-Gr.1 [email protected] 
Erin Walter-Gr.1 [email protected] 
Tara McKinney-Gr.1 [email protected] 
Christena Padfield-Gr.1 [email protected] 
Jayda Messer-Gr.1 [email protected] 
Amy Henrion-Gr.2 [email protected] 
Lindsay Ermel-Gr.2 [email protected] 
Lindsay Wilson-Gr.2 [email protected] 
Kelsey Silljer-Gr.3 [email protected] 
Mellissa Weiss-Gr.3 [email protected] 
Lindsay Brown-Gr.3 [email protected] 
Trudi Griffin-Gr.4 [email protected] 
Angela McKnight-Gr.4 [email protected] 
Melissa Grover-Gr.4 [email protected] 
Cathy Hooper-Gr.5 [email protected] 
Dara Uhren-Gr.5 [email protected] 
Katrina Stephanson-Gr.5 [email protected] 
Penny Leko-Gr.5 [email protected] 
Jodi Abel-Gr.6 [email protected] 
Justine Anderson-Gr.6 [email protected] 
Louise Andrew-Gr.6 [email protected] 
Holly Butz-Itinerant Music [email protected] 
Tanya Heebner-Response to Intervention [email protected] 
Jacqueline Trombley- Response to Intervention [email protected] 
Tanice Abramson-Learning Support [email protected] 
Holly Ferguson-Learning Support [email protected] 
Kim Wiens-Learning Support [email protected] 
Kim Neithercut-Learning Support [email protected] 
Counsellor Email
Lindsey Wagner [email protected] 
Educational Assistants Educational Assistants
Patti Langedahl Lori Verbeem
Michelle Segade Tracy Hockridge
Jennifer Ashworth Rena Jones
Angie Lougheed Tammy Jensen
Mackenzie O'Dell Shannon Seitz
Lisa Vick Lisa Tripp
Sandra Veer Tia Budney
Sarah McEachen Benedict Caliwag
Caretakers Caretakers
Shawna Daer Troy Kramm
Laura Foote